Items for Sale


Double Diamond Outfitters

Free-Range: Aoudad, Mule deer, White Tail, Javelina, Turkey. Also Exotics

Contact: Wes Mundy


CF Ranch Outfitters

Free-Range: Elk, Mule deer, Aoudad, Mouflon Sheep, Pronghorn, Axis, Javelina

Contact: Chris Chopalas


Y-Barr-A Outfitters

Free-Range Aoudad, Elk, Mule deer, Javelina and Pronghorn

Contact: Rene Ybarra



Southwest Trophy Hunts

Free-Range Aoudad

Contact: Bubba Glosson

Hip -O  Exotic Hunts

Free-Range Gemsbock,Scimitar and Red sheep

Contact: Rob Stockwell

H.E. Sproul Ranch

Free-Range Aoudad/ Barbary Sheep, Elk, Mule deer, Pronghorn and predators

Contact: Roy Hurley


Dew Drop Inn Ranch


Many variety of Exotics, White tail deer and javelina

Contact: Talbert White

Great American Hunting Services

Free-Range Aoudad, Predator, Hog, Javelina, Exotics and Quail

Contact: Ross Coffey

Cibolo Creek Ranch

Roosevelt Elk. Aoudad, Mule deer, Carmen White Tail deer, Quail and Exotics

Contact: Brian Servin


Rocky McBride Outfitting

Aoudad and Mountain Lion hunts


Contact: Rocky Mcbride


West Ranch

Free-Range: Pronghorn and Aoudad


Contact: Hayes West



Maravillas  Ranch

Free-Range: Muledeer, Elk, Aoudad, Javalina, Turkey and Game Birds

Contact: Hayes West

Brite Ranch Hunts

Mule deer, Pronghorn, Javelina, Aoudad, Predators and Quail

Contact: Cuatro White


Xtreme Outfitters

Free-Range: Muledeer, Aoudad, Elk, Coues Deer, Desert Bighorn, Whitetail

Contact Zach Knowles



Ahrens Ranch & Wildlife

Exotics and Native Game

Contact: Calan Ahrens



Rancho Del Cielo

Free-Range: Muledeer, Aoudad, Javalina and Quail

Contact: Jesse King